Fundraiser for the benefit of the Koenigshuette in Bad Lauterberg

The poster shows the announcement of the raffle sale, it took place from 25.11. to 25. 12. in Bad Lauterberg - it says that
tickets will be sold in the Mitmach-Atelier in Hauptstraße 80 (in Bad Lauterberg), namely
Mondays to Fridays from 3 to 6 p.m., and that prizes will be handed out immediately.
In the picture below it is pointed out that the lot action takes place in favor of the Königshütte.
The circle reads 'Lauterberger helfen sich', the motto and name of the Facebook group.

Our members have already known about it because of the annual Christmas letter: The Facebook group 'Lauterberger helfen sich' (‘Citizens of Bad Lauterberg help each other’). This Facebook group has dedicated this year's Christmas campaign to our support group. With a success that left me speechless. Who is this group? Behind it are Matthias Koch, Stephan Oppermann and Manuela Lunk, from Bad Lauterberg. They are the administrators of the group and Facebook page. The group has been active for seven years. - People from Bad Lauterberg know about the group. - It provides information on questions in everyday life (for example, who knows a good pediatrician), in all areas where help is needed. For example, their members donated home-baked goods for our bake sale at the Hüttenschenke on 'Open Monument Day' last year. And ... every year at Christmas it does a campaign for a good cause. In the group itself there were well over 100 action packages offered to her this year. These packages are created by asking people to donate items that they no longer need themselves, but that could still please others. All the proceeds from them are donated. The sale of these donations supports associations, for example, and honors their work. This year one of the beneficiaries was the Königshütte.

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Guided tours are cancelled until further notice


'Glück auf' is written on the plaque, it is the miners' greeting and means 'luck on'

Due to the new Corona Ordinance, guided tours of the Königshütte site and the industrial monument are cancelled until further notice. This applies for the time being to the guided tours in November. We will inform you as soon as possible about how it will continue in December.

The board team of the ‘Förderkreis Königshütte Bad Lauterberg e.V.’

on behalf of: Gudrun Grzyb

Member of the Advisory Board

Königshütte now has a new page on the Internet Smartphone users can record new QR codes on the buildings located on the site of the industrial monument.

The Förderkreis Königshütte Bad Lauterberg has a new Internet presence that can be displayed on all devices. Screenshot

HK / Bad Lauterberg, HK (HK means newspaper named 'Harzkurier')

Bad Lauterberg.  The association 'Förderkreis Königshütte revised the Internet appearance for the association of the industrial monument of Bad Lauterberg. It was about time to "adapt it to the current requirements. This included a new outfit, and the new website should always look the same (good way) - regardless of whether it is called up on a desktop PC, laptop, tablet or smartphone," the association announced. "There should also be an English version so that the website can be read and understood worldwide. The new Internet address is:

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Förderkreis Königshütte hopes for a go-ahead - Start of the project 'Renovation of the machine factory' is difficult. Tours are possible again

Förderkreis Königshütte hopes for a go-ahead

Start of the project 'Renovation of the machine factory' is difficult. Tours are possible again.  

The project is planned since 2016: The historical machine factory of the Königshütte is to be extensively renovated.   

Foto: Christiana Auer / HK (newspaper named Harzkurier)


Guided tours will again take place on the premises of the ‘Königshütte’, the next one on this Tuesday from 3 pm at the hut fountain. Since a few weeks there are also some innovations for the visitors and also the project "Renovation of the machine factory" is in the starting blocks.

The ‘Königshütte’ in Bad Lauterberg is a testimony to the former iron ore mining and machine building as well as the foundry operation, which was finally closed down in 2001.

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QR-Codes lead online through the Königshütte

Members of the Förderkreis der Königshütte attaching the QR Code labels
Members of the Förderkreis der Königshütte attaching the QR Code labels

With the help of QR codes and a new website, the Bad Lauterberg Königshütte can also be experienced by visitors outside of guided tours.

The new website of the royal hut at is optimized for mobile devices and can therefore be used well on site with the smartphone. In addition to this, the Förderkreis der Königshütte has attached so-called QR codes to the buildings of the historical ensemble: if one photographs these rectangular codes, the smartphone recognizes the Internet address encoded in them and guides the user directly to the page on which the building in question is described. In this way, a self-determined tour of the Königshütte with a lot of historical information is possible. All texts are available in both German and English.

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