The Hut Tavern

This long building served as a workshop for modellers and carpenters during the state era, and also housed a locksmith's shop. The building also housed the flats of the materials manager and the coal miner, who, in addition to his work of checking the charcoal delivered, also ran the bar. Until his retirement, the house was inhabited by the family of the master artist Mummenthey. The tavern, which was located in the right wing, was primarily for the workers, especially those who worked at the blast furnace. Due to the high working temperatures to which they were exposed, they lost a lot of liquid and the need for a "proper" beer was certainly great.

In this building there was a cabinet of cast art goods with a packing room where the small and sometimes fine works of art were sold or made ready for dispatch. With the academic sculptor Friedrich Ferdinand Splittgerber from the school of Christian Rauch / Berlin, probably the most important artist came to the ironworks in 1825 and produced models for iron art and for furnace casting plus other castings over several decades. Besides him, other carvers also worked here at times, such as the Braunschweig sculptor Wilhelm Habich, who originally came from the Harz Mountains.