Technical drawing steam cylinder

The historical machine factory contains an archive of technical drawings from the years 1872 to 1935. Many drawings from the 19th century are coloured, have a special aesthetic value and can be assigned to a location and a client.

Besides the equipment of entire mills, gypsum factories or sawmills - mainly from the South Lower Saxony and Eichsfeld area - mainly single machines were delivered for these companies (about 3.200 drawings). A further area concerns drive technology such as water wheels, turbines, steam engines and steam boiler plants (approx. 1,000 drawings). For transport technology there are drawings of hoists, lifts, winches etc. (about 800 drawings). There are also individual manufacturing plants from other areas such as brickworks, coal, sand and ore processing, sugar factories, breweries, distilleries etc. in the archive. A download of the photos of the drawings is possible. However, the drawings are not for sale.

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