regular table has moved

Hotel Riemann, Sebastian-Kneipp-Promenade 1, Bad Lauterberg

The regular table  has moved. Since April 2023, since April 2023 it has been held at 'Hotel Riemann', Sebastian-Kneipp-Promenade 1. - The time has remained the same: the regulars' table takes place every first Thursday of the month - starting at 6.30 pm, the end is open. The room  called 'Brockenstube' is reserved for the regulars' table.
For the 'small appetite', Mrs Riemann has brought out a menu especially for the regulars' table. On it you will find, for example, soups, 'Toast Hawaii' and 'Strammer Max'. After all, we want to talk.
People from Bad Lauterberg  and guests from the spa clinics who are interested in the kings’ hut  industrial monument and/or the work of the Friends are equally welcome. The Friends look forward to a lively turnout.

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hut guide for the kings’ hut (Koenigshuette)

In 2021, the Harz Tourism Association (head office: Goslar) started a study to show how the six cultural institutions that belong to the district of Göttingen - the Museum  in the Herzberg Castle, the Borderland Museum Bad Sachsa, the Unicorn Cave Scharzfeld, the Cave Experience Centre Iberg Dripstone Cave and the Cistercian Museum Walkenried Monastery - could get more public attention. There were several meetings on this, among others at Herzberg Castle and kings hut (Königshütte), because on these two cultural institutions were the main focus. On 13 February this year the final presentation took place in the Hotel Freizeit In in the city of Göttingen, alongside the mayors in whose towns these six cultural institutions are to be found, Mr Harald Dietzmann/Bad Grund, Mr Christopher Wagner/Town of Herzberg, Mr Daniel Quade/Town of Bad Sachsa, Mr Rolf Lange/Town of Bad Lauterberg and Mr Lars Deiters/Town of Wieda, Zorge and Walkenried, the team from the Harz Tourism Association was of course represented, such as the Managing Director Mrs Carola Schmidt and the museum educator Mrs Melanie Krilleke, who was responsible for the project part concerning the kings hut in Bad Lauterberg (Königshütte), representatives from the district of Göttingen, Mrs Vettel from the landscape association of south lower saxony (Landschaftsverband

 Südniedersachsen e. V.), representatives of Tourist Informations and - as representatives of the support group of the Königshütte - Mrs Grzyb, Mr Hillegeist and Mr Mühl.  And - of course - Mr Marcel Riethig, District Administrator of the Göttingen District, did not miss the opportunity to attend this event. The project part concerning the museum at Herzberg Castle was presented, followed by the kungs hut (Königshütte)  project part. A guide to the kings hut (Königshütte) hut was produced by Melanie Krilleke and her team colleagues. The children were also taken into consideration, and here the Brocken Gang came into play, her members help the children to solve a riddle.

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Open Monument Day 2022

Ilona Ecke from Walkenried shows the technique of spinning

On this year's Open Monument Day, the Königshütte Industrial Monument once again opened its doors to several buildings to give visitors a glimpse into the past. This year's motto ‚ Culture track‘ was also taken into account, with guided tours of the site starting at 11 a.m., with an insight into the foundry building, a look into the machine factory and a visit to the Südharzer Eisenhüttenmuseum (South Harz Ironworks Museum). Visitors could fortify themselves with coffee and cake in the hut tavern - the cakes were donations from the citizens of Bad Lauterberg, and we would like to thank Manuela Lunk - from the Facebook group the people of Bad Lauteraberg help each other‘ - who again actively supported us. – In front of the iron magazine, visitors could enjoy a barbecue.
We were able to recruit many (art) craftsmen for this day, and we attached great importance to the fact that work was done by hand in the truest sense of the word, of course in accordance with the motto 'Kultur.Spur. In our opinion, old crafts from earlier times belong to the Open Monument Day, just as the obligatory show casting whitch is part of it and started at 2 p.m. in the foundry hall. Old techniques that already existed in the Middle Ages could be marvelled at. The world of Rumpelstiltskin, who was spinning straw into gold,  and Sleeping Beauty came to life, Mrs. Ilona Ecke, in a dress based on the Middle Ages, spun yarn with a hand spindle as well as with a spinning wheel and ... Ulrich Genehr showed how chair seats are woven. In keeping with the ambience, barrel organ player Ulrich Schäfer was there again. Of course, that was not all. There was also jewellery (e.g. made of amber) and work with wool. But also a few new techniques were shown. In the factory house, Sigrid Bähr showed paper works in the encaustic technique - this is an artistic painting technique in which colour pigments bound in wax are applied hot to the painting surface, as Wikipedia, the online library, told us in advance.
All exhibitors came from the district, that was important to us. Of course, the children were not neglected, there was an information rally for the older ones, for the smaller ones a bouncy castle was kindly provided by the specialist clinik Muschinski from Bad Lauterberg, the child protection agency and the Manyways Family Centre offered hands-on activities for children. At the sewing meeting point in the foctory building, there were home-made sewn and knitted items, where one or the other gift could be found and perhaps even a first Christmas present.

all around the bee, honey and more

we wish you a merry christmas and a happy new year

We, the board and advisory board members of the support group Koenigshuette (kings' hut) Bad Lauterberg e.V. wish you all a Merry Christmas and all the best for the coming year.

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Regulars' table is canceled in August

The regulars’ table scheduled for August 4, 2022 is canceled due to the company holidays at the Hotel ‘Goldene Aue’ (Bad Lauterberg).

The next regulars' table will take place on September 1st.