The Moulding House

This building is no longer fully distinguishable in its original form due to the extension of a warehouse. However, as you continue your tour, you will soon realise that this building consists of two identical wings and a nave, a typical neo-classical building. Large windows with cast-iron grilles can also be seen here, 52 of which belonged to the building. The upper floor, which was fundamentally restored on the show side through the initiative of the support group in 2001, is boarded in the typical Upper Harz style. The weather vane indicates the year of construction, 1822. This imposing building was also erected in the second construction phase of the Königshütte. The clockwork of the hut clock dates from 1905, built by the very famous clockwork factory J.F. Weule in Bockenem.

This building was originally used for art casting and clay moulding. On the ground floor, next to the workrooms, it contained a casting store room. The upper floor housed the pattern store room and the joinery. A large number of patterns still belong to every foundry today. Sometimes, after years, a foundry received demands for new production of damaged castings. And since the production of models was expensive, it was usually possible to fall back on a wooden model that still existed.