Happy Easter

We from the Sponsorship group of the iron-hut ‘Königshütte’ ('Förderkreis Königshütte Bad Lauterberg e.V.') wish you a happy Easter with good health. We had hoped to be able to offer guided tours through the area of the iron hut and through our small museum, named ‘Südharzer Eisenhüttenmuseum’ again at Easter, but unfortunately the current lockdown has put a stop to us. Of course, you are welcome to walk around the terrain. QR codes on most of the buildings will direct you to our website and to the history of each building. Perhaps an Easter walk in the history of the iron-hut, the ‘Königshütte’,  could also include an excursion to the spa park, even if at the moment only the bare pillars of the Scholmwehr Bridge can be seen, there is hope that by early summer it will again be possible to walk without detour from Kirchberg to the city center and back.

Enjoy the Easter holiday in the circle in which it is possible for you.